Kingdom Youth Unleashed


Kingdom Youth Unleashed

New Mount Zion Baptist of Dallas
Kingdom Youth Unleashed
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“Kingdom Youth Unleashed”


The Kingdom Youth Unleashed (KYU) Ministry reaches youth Grades K – 12 right where they are. This ministry gives our youth a voice and a chance to not only grow in their faith but also share their faith with others.

We have chosen a national based program used by many churches titled “Orange”. This unique Bible-based curriculum brings the pillars of Church and Home together to make a greater impact on our communities. KYU is helping develop lifestyles pleasing to God, all while leaning on the primary influencers of parents and the church.

KYU is fun.
KYU is energetic.
KYU is exciting.
KYU is educational.
KYU is necessary!

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 KYU 06/04/2020